Year 2001 in Review

This season we are pleased to be racing the MV-Agusta F4S. It is by far the best handling production motorcycle we have ever ridden. These pasts 6-months have been a wonderful experience, full of experimentation, trial, error, and development. Below you will find our season in review along with photos. I hope you enjoy it.

When we initial acquired the motorcycle we assumed because it had been out for over a year there would be a number of after-market parts available for the motorcycle but this was not the case. We could find no after-market high performance parts in the USA except for carbon fiber bodywork which was sold by Fast by Ferracci.

This presented us with a challenge, how do we make the bike race competitive with no after-market parts. Second, we needed spares in case something broke or we crashed. This was the first time we were racing a motorcycle for the season without a spare or "B" motorcycle from the start. This hinders you mentally because you end up racing very cautiously.

When you drive 5 to 6 hours to a race event you don't want to crash out of the event or have something break when you don't have any spares. So eventually you end up riding between 85 and 90 percent of your skill level for fear of crashing.

Well, like most modern people we decided to search the Internet. We found a number of classified ads for used F4S, but whenever we called the individual the motorcycle was already sold. Currently we are still looking for a 2nd motorcycle. Perhaps we can find one over the winter.

We did find a number of items in England for the F4S, but they were mostly cosmetic items and not race related. So we decided to race the bike in its stock configuration with race bodywork until we acquired high performance parts. Unable to find race bodywork in the USA, we contacted QB carbon in the UK to have bodywork custom made. This was very expensive compared to USA costs but we had no choice. The bodywork fit perfectly right out of the box and Dietlemeier Motorgraphics performed the paint work and custom graphics

Right away we notice that the motorcycle handled superbly, but was down on power from its Japanese counter parts. It's been only the
fantastic-handling characteristic of the motorcycle that allowed us to stay in the hunt. The competition would pull away on the straightaway, and then we would catch them on the infield turns. Because of the factors from
above, there were no podium finishes this year. But we have learned a lot and we have a solid foundation to build upon for next year.

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