Eva Mitchell

Eva - Team Manager

Originally from Spain where motorcycle racing is the number one spectator sport, Eva has been riding and involved in motorcycle racing since she was very young. She has been working with M & A Racing since 1998.

Garett King

Garett - Chief Mechanic

He knows what he is talking bout because previously he was a rider that wont 3 AMA Amateur National Championships and he's raced in the Isle of Man TT Races. Currently he coordinates all the work of the mechanics in the pit garage.

Troy McMillian

Troy - Mechanic

An avid rider for many years, Troy has worked for M & A Racing since 1998 and returns to work for the team in 2002.

Thor McPhoy

Thor - Mechanic

An avid rider and mechanic for many years, Thor joins M&A Racing for the 2002 season

Wayne - Mechanic

A former racer, Wayne wanted to be active in the race scene after he stopped competing. He worked for M & A Racing in the 1999 season. He has returned to work for the team in 2002.

Clark - Mechanic

Clark has been in the race scene for many years. He worked for the team in 1999 and returns for the 2002 season.